About Evelina

Hi there! I’m an Android dev currently based in London. You can find out more about me on my website or follow me on a social network.

About Android Magic

It’s a blog about my trials and errors with Android programming, about stuff that has puzzled me at some point before finding an (hopefully right) answer . Warning: don’t try this at home (or work) without doing your own thinking first

Mischief Managed

  • Nick Burton

    Hey Evelina, my name’s Nick Burton & I work @ foursquare with your friend Jeremy from Seesmic. I just wanted to reach out & say g’day. I’m an Android Dev & have come across your work a couple of times & been very impressed. If you want to shoot me an email to nick@ [ the domain you’d expect ], I’d love to chat more. Cheers, Nick.

  • Gokul Researcher

    very nice. love to support you.

  • http://twitter.com/nimbusob Hwan Jo

    Your posts about Android Fragment helped me. Thanks.

  • Anshuman Sanghvi

    great stuff, has helped me in learning how to code for android.