AChartEngine Live Scrolling Graph

Evelina Vrabie

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  • vats24

    Hey! thanks ,can you tell How do i convert this code into an activity.

  • Jason Porter

    The source is missing from Github. Can you please add it back or explain why you removed it? Thanks.

  • http://none oliver

    Awesome projects, your example really helps me a lot. I am drawing some real time plot in my own project(Sensor data from MQTT Broker).

  • Balázs Takács


    It’s cool. I’m still working on a project and i have to use achartengine for dynamic graphs. But i have a problem and i found this problem in your application too. If I want to scroll back for a previous data but I can see this data until the graph won’t have a new data. Then the repaint function repaint the whole area and it jumps back to the newest data. How can i solve this (to not jump back to the newest data while i am watching the data what i want) ?

  • PeterB

    Great job on the AChartEngine example. I was looking all over for a graphing program that could provide real time “chart recorder” functionality, and your example not only worked as is, but was easy to change for my application (plotting gyro sensors). Thanks a lot!

  • pinki

    hey why do you make everything ‘final’ in your code? Even local variables in functions

  • shruthi

    hey if you did try out the gradient one that you speak about in the article, do post it! thanks in advance!

  • Ele Pie

    Can you please help in the execution of this code? I am new to android but don`t know which will be the best platform for its execution either eclipse or something like android studio.

  • Mohammad

    I dont know why the project does not work. I have downloaded and Imported the code but it has some runtime error!

  • Thụy Nguyễn

    Thanks !

  • Broto

    Awesome article.
    Man, get yourself a Twitter account, with that lots of people (including myself) will know about your new posts!

  • Dan D.

    Very nice article on AChartEngine! I am glad to see users of the library posting impressions and code rather than just waiting for others to provide the solutions to all the issues they have.

    Definitely please contribute any improvements you may have to AChartEngine. The gradient one sounds awesome.

    Best wishes from the author of AChartEngine!

  • adas

    Good job. Thanks.

  • MarinosGreece

    Can i use AChartEngine for live graphs? do u know?

    • evelyne24

      I’m not sure what you understand by live graphs but if you read my article you might find an idea or two…:)

    • Bishal

      yes you can. all you want is setting a timer and updating data accordingly.