Android Dynamic Form Fragment

Evelina Vrabie

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    Awesome content you post here, i have shared this article on my fb

  • Guest

    What can you say about memory leaks in this scenario?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I specifically asked this question at the Google I/O Android Office Hours and they told me that as long as the references to the views are nulled on onDetach() or onDestroy() of the fragment, it should be fine. Do you have an interesting solution you’d like to share about this problem?

  • Hector Hernandez

    This post helped me solve some of my problems, thank you very much!

  • AndyD

    Thanks. Just ran into this need today, and fortunately I had bookmarked this page a while back.

  • Vadim

    Thanks for this post, Evelina! It gave me a hint how to deal with nested fragments.