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Android Custom Font

I’ve recently had to re-think my approach for one of the most popular requests on Android:  easy support for custom fonts. I wanted a solution which: is flexible enough to use several fonts and different styles for each font. For example, let’s say I want to use Roboto regular, light, […]

AChartEngine Live Scrolling Graph

Recently I’ve been working on an Android app where I needed to plot some values in a time-based graph with live data (e.g. the phone’s signal strength). There are quite a few open-source Android charting libraries available that I’ve tried so I’ll just post the links in case someone wants […]

Android GaugeView library

Even if my day job is keeping me very busy, I’ve just managed to publish my very first open source Android library for drawing gauges on Canvas I’ve implemented this in a couple of days so the code is still a bit messy, no documentation etc. I’m planning to work […]